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Stephen Covey

Andre Bello

André founded GET Inc in 2008. GET offers consultancy on the development of peak performance through simplification.

    He is an experienced Agile practitioner and Professional Scrum Master® and takes a “Begin it. Break it. Build it.” approach to both product and career development. He’s especially focused on helping startups with value proposition design, customer discovery and business model development, using simple prototyping tools, UX testing, paper-based MVPs and has created a proprietary sentiment analytics tool for qualitative research, “Trendcone.”

    André came to this moment as a textbook “generalist.” He started as a zoologist, earned his MBA, then built a progressive career in sales, service and marketing. He made the decision to re-enter corporate life in 2012 to ensure that his methods could be rooted in practical business applications, rather than just appear as theory on a presentation slide. This led him to serve as the Caribbean Commercial Manager for one of the world’s most loved brands, Virgin Atlantic Airways for eight years, until August 2020.

    He has written several books in the fields of negotiation, creativity and storytelling. Professor Lawrence Susskind, of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School says of his book, “The Sword & The Spirit:

    “André illustrates more clearly what we mean by a ‘mutual-gains approach to negotiation’ than one hundred repetitions of the theory could accomplish on their own.”

    André has given hundreds of keynote speeches and workshops to companies and organisations around the globe. He uses storytelling and humor to help his audiences gain a deep understanding of the subjects he covers. His main goal is to ensure that learners gain functional tools that can help them succeed from “day one.” In November 2018, André was in action on the TEDx stage, talking about using micro-actions to drive behavioral change. If you have big dreams for yourself, he will encourage you to “Spot your dot”. To quote, “Aim in the direction of your vision, with a mindset of experimentation. Find something small that you can start with, and that you can repeat easily, then see where the journey takes you.”